About the company

Since its establishment in 1992, Lewant Sp. z o.o. has offered comprehensive investment property services on the Warsaw market. The scope of activity of the Company covers all sensitive areas within the investment process. The investor and individual customer service is performed by the following departments:

Being capable of combining skills from various fields in our activity, we may offer to the investors a wide range of services starting from the real property selection, going through the legal audit, capacity analysis of the plot, negotiations with the owner, obtaining the planning permit (in case of absence of the zoning plan), drafting design and construction documents and finally, ending with the procurement of the building permit.

While working on particular projects we create teams composed of the company’s employees supported, depending on the needs, by the renowned experts in the field of networks, systems, road infrastructure, geodesy, geology, structures and many others.

Most of the projects our company executed were implemented on the basis of the above-described comprehensive service system. We invite you to take a look at these projects by entering the section gallery .

We offer expert advice and assistance to owners, holders of perpetual usufruct right, and users of the real property in preparing their plot for sale, which in most cases includes the necessary ownership status regulation ,as well as the transformation of the perpetual usufruct, regulation of the boundaries, investment advice including the plot capacity analyses, obtaining the planning permit, and other indispensable actions aimed at a proper and efficient presentation of the offered property on the market.

We are not afraid of challenges and get eagerly involved in extraordinary tasks where we may take advantage of our expertise, and long-term professional experience.

Our activity goes beyond business projects in the strict sense. Bogdan Żmijewski and Mirosław Pieczul, the co-owners of the company, share their knowledge and long-term professional and social (gained through the work for local government) experience during lectures to which they are invited. They are also the authors of the book: „Przetargi na nieruchomości stanowiące własność Gminy” (Tenders for the Municipality-Owned Real Properties) published and reissued by Zachodnie Centrum Organizacji.

The Company co-owners have also been involved in the projects for the Ministry of Agriculture, where they worked on the draft revision of the Law on Management of Agricultural Real Properties Owned by the State Treasury dated October 19, 1991, together with draft secondary legislation. The revision of the Law contains new legislative solutions in the field of market trade, including new legal structures, like the lease with the purchase option, etc. Our proposals were to a large extent enacted by the Parliament (Sejm) in the then revised Law. Among other things, provisions allowing the transfer of properties needed for public goals to the municipalities were adopted.

further achievements of Lewant Sp.z o.o.