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We specialize in the trade in investment properties, particularly in the Warsaw City area.

One of the services we provide to the Investors is the search for large plots of land, which according to the zoning plans (or studies of spatial development guidelines and conditions), are intended for the construction of the office buildings, hotels, warehouses, multi-family residential buildings, as well as single family houses (possibility of the residential estate construction). The customer service within the above-mentioned scope is conducted by our licensed real property agents in cooperation with the legal department.

1. We offer complex legal advice and assistance to entities interested in the sale of the real properties, which covers:

  • the regulation of the real property ownership status;
  • the acquisitive prescription;
  • the inheritance proceedings;
  • the entries to the Land and Mortgage Register;
  • the transformation of the legal status of real property;
  • the transformation of the perpetual usufruct;
  • the enfranchisement of cooperatives, state-owned enterprises and other entities;
  • the provision of services with respect to real properties covered by the statutory order and others.
  • More information available in the chapter Regulation of real property ownership status and by phone.

2.Preparation of the real property for sale:

  • the collection of required documents;
  • the analysis of the investment capabilities arising from the zoning plan and the study;
  • obtaining the planning permit (in the event that no zoning plan is applicable), or excerpts from the zoning plan,
  • the analysis of the planned changes within the scope of investment capabilities (draft zoning plans),
  • the relevant analysis of the Study combined with the formulation of motions pertaining to the plan and comments in the process of presentation of the zoning plan to the public
  • the analysis of the possible betterment levies and zoning fees and representation of the owner in the proceedings,
  • the analysis of availability of utilities, including the procurement of the decision on the technical condition of interconnecting utilities),
  • real property divisions, if it is necessary, for example, due to the separation of the plots for public roads, etc.
  • More information available in the department of investment advice and by phone.

3.Agency services and assistance in the process of negotiations with the potential buyer of the property as well as the handling of technical aspects of the notarial deed.

We are licensed within the scope of trade in and management of the real property. Download

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