Investment advice

The major tasks of that department include:

  • conducting audits of draft zoning plans, as well as drafting applications referring to the future plan, and comments to the draft zoning plan made available to the public for the purpose of increasing the investment potential of the client’s real property;
  • specifying potential investment conditions of the real property on the basis of the Study and draft zoning plans;
  • · preparing the concept of developing a piece of real property on the basis of the zoning plan analysis and specific conditions prevailing on the given investment plot; ·
  • drafting applications and motions for the issuance of the planning permit (WZiZT) based on the so-called adjacency analysis; ·
  • analyzing the availability of the utilities, specifying the needs and applying for the issuance of the decision on the terms and conditions of interconnecting utilities; ·
  • drafting opinions and documents necessary for the investment process, including the maps for legal and judicial purposes, subdivision surveys, valuations, expert’s opinions on the structures, environmental impact assessments, geological surveys, etc; ·
  • preparing draft of purchase, lease, easement, and tenancy agreements, as well as draft articles of association, shareholders’ agreements and contracts for all kinds of works related to the investment project; ·
  • rendering opinions on construction designs in terms of their compliance with the planning permit, or zoning plans and specific regulations; ·
  • drafting real property valuation studies; ·
  • specifying legal basis for the access to the public road; ·
  • formulating the stance and responses in administrative proceedings as well as representing the client in these administrative proceedings as the proxy.